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Wellness services

Hotel Kőporos Hercegkút does not only serves our guests’ complete spiritual and bodily recharge with its picturesque panorama but also the wellness services we offer.

Please have a look at our available wellness offers. You can take it for granted that using this wellness equipment will eliminate all the stress cause by work at any time of the year.

Hotel Kőporos Wellness Fürdőház

A jacuzzi for 5 persons

The 5 person Jacuzzi is situated in the same site room the saunas, in the wellness room. The water temperature is 36 – 38˚C. Due to technical reasons the Jacuzzi can only be operated by the staff. If you wish to use it, please ask for assistance at the reception. Please use the shower before entering the Jacuzzi.

Guests can use the jacuzzi between 8 am and 8 pm.
The jacuzzi can be used at your own risk and children under 14 can use it under parental control.

Hotel Kőporos Hercegkút szauna

Combined Sauna

Sauna in our wellness area: Finnish sauna and infrasauna. For more information, please contact the Reception. The regulations connected to the usage of the sauna can be read in the Policy of the Wellness and it is also found next to the sauna.
Guests can use the sauna between 8 am and 8 pm.

Did you know? The beneficial effects of sauna taking.

The sauna is the place for restoring the natural balance of body and mind. Taking a sauna will help protect your health and improves well-being.
• Eliminates the waste from the body, intensive sweating helps reducing the accumulated
waste material from body cells.
• Improves metabolism (as many as 300 calories can be burnt by one session)
• Boosts the circulatory system, eases the symptoms of heart and vascular disease.
• Improves the body’s defence mechanisms.
• Increases skin elasticity.
• Relaxes and warms up the muscles.
• Promotes a more restful and intensive sleep.

Hotel Kőporos Hercegkút wellness merülődézsa

Outdoor wooden hot tubs

The brave can try our outdoor wooden tubs (for 4-6 persons each).
While using them the time you spend with relaxation is made even more pleasant by enjoying the beautiful panorama and listening to the chirping birds.

In the hotel’s garden there are 2 wooden hot tubs equipped with wood-burning stoves, suitable for 4– 6 people. These can be used for an additional fee with a prior reservation. Reservation and further information available at the reception.

Hotel Kőporos Hercegkút recepció

Dress code in the hotel

We ask our guests to follow the general dressing rules.
When visiting the restaurant and the bar wearing a bathrobe or swimsuit is not allowed.

Thank you for your understanding.