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Hotel Kőporos Logó


Address: 3958, Hercegkút, Kőporosi út 2.
Phone: +36 (20) 457 4937, 06 (47) 200 240
GPS: 48°20’25.7″N 21°31’24.8″E

Hercegkút is situated in Zemplén Mountains in the district of Sárospatak, 80 kms to the north-east
from Miskolc, 4 kms far from the town of Sárospatak, in the valley of the stream Hotyka.
Hercegkút can be reached from two directions on route 37.

When arriving from the western direction (from Miskolc, Tokaj) the access road through which you can reach Hercegkút, can be found on the left. Go straight on the access road that will take you to Petőfi Sándor street, which is the main street of the village. At the end of this road turn left and you will find our hotel there.

When arriving from the east, from Sárospatak or Sátoraljaújhely on route 37, you can find a roundabout where you must leave the roundabout at the exit where Makkoshotyka is written on a
traffic sign. This road also takes you to the main street of Hercegkút. At the end of the road turn right at the building of the post office, then at the and the village turn left.
You will find the Hotel Kőporos there.

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